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Gender just climate action and solutions are in urgent need of your support

Women, girls, trans, intersex, and non-binary people from local and Indigenous communities are at the forefront of fighting for climate and environmental justice against false climate solutions. The time is now to resource the transformative climate solutions led by women, girls, inter, non-binary and trans people and stop investment in false climate solutions. Commit your support to uphold human rights and invest in women’s leadership in gender- just climate solutions!

Feminist movements are driving climate action, bringing critical perspectives and building initiatives to advance climate justice at the local, national, regional, and international levels. As governments and philanthropic actors step up their ambition on climate finance, there is increasing recognition of the role of local women’s rights organisations in climate action, including on adaptation and mitigation as well as in addressing the root causes of the crisis. Despite this, organisations led by women, girls, trans and intersex people are still dramatically underfunded.

The Principles for Locally-Led Adaptation, endorsed by over 70 institutions, encourage climate actors to fund ‘context-specific, coherent, agile, and cost-effective solutions and benefits’, while underlining how the engagement of historically-excluded groups leads to more effective adaptation measures. Within the Paris Agreement itself, Parties are encouraged to follow a gender- responsive approach to adaptation, with particular consideration to vulnerable groups, communities and ecosystems, including Indigenous peoples and local knowledge systems. (Locally Led Adaption: from principles to practice, World Resources Institute, June 2022)

The good news is that the infrastructure to fund these actors exists.

Women’s funds and environmental justice funds around the world are already supporting and channelling resources to the feminist movements implementing robust, transformative and sustainable climate action globally.

Embedded in the feminist movements they serve, women’s funds and environmental justice funds have awareness of the broader feminist funding ecosystem and ensure organisations working across different issues and in different contexts are well- resourced and able to access the funding to carry out their work.
By providing core, flexible, predictable, long-term funding, women’s funds and environmental justice funds are ideally placed to support such multi-sector work.

  1. To move resourcing away from false climate solutions which violate human rights and redirect investment towards gender-just climate solutions, as well as strengthen policy coherence within governments and philanthropic donors between gender and climate divisions.
  2. At a minimum, governments need to meet existing targets on climate finance, sustainable development, and gender equality and ensure climate finance is contributed as additional to ODA budgets.
  3. Governments need to increase the proportion of climate-related ODA that serves gender equality objectives to 88%, including ensuring 15% of this funding has gender equality as a principal objective.
  4. It is time to protect Women Environmental Human Rights Defenders against structural violence.

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