UNCCD COP14: Communities regreen the Sahel

Tijdens de UNCCD COP14 in India, die plaatsvindt  van 2 tot 13 september 2019, is Both ENDS medeorganisator van een aantal side events. 

Een ervan is:


CSO actions to combat desertification: working with communities to up-scale Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration throughout the Sahel.

Organised by CARI, ReSaD, Drynet and Both ENDS

Since 2017, Both ENDS and partners from civil society organizations, Sahel Desertification Network (ReSaD) coordinated by CAR, and research institutes are working together in a 10-year project that aims to support communities in Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal to regreen the Sahel with FMNR techniques. The overall objective of the program is to unite communities, governments, NGOs and academics, into recognizing FMNR as a viable method to combat desertification, to contribute positively to land degradation neutrality and to improve access to local and regional markets for FMNR products.
The side-event will provoke a lively interactive discussion on the enabling conditions for farmer managed natural regeneration and the options for actions for different actors, by:
1. Providing an introduction to Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in Niger, Senegal and Burkina Faso
2. Reaction of different actors/ stakeholders to what they have just heard on these enabling conditions from their respective perspectives
3. Facilitate a lively discussion on options for actions
This side event will contribute to knowledge development on the contribution of community led initiatives to Land Degradation Neutrality (SDG15) and on ways these community-led initiatives can be facilitated and supported.


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