The Future We See - Democratic Decision Making

Throughout the world, democracy and democratic values are under pressure. Autocratic regimes are gaining power and citizens have less and less say in developments that affect or even marginalise them. Countries where there is still democracy are increasingly torn apart by polarisation, which often has a paralysing effect on decision-making.

Fortunately, a movement in the opposite direction can be seen in many places too. Counter-movements which ensure that everyone can participate in decision-making, that everyone's voice is important and that decisions are made with support. No matter how big or small, these are all steps towards true democracy.

We will discuss some of these examples with our guests. For example, what can be the role of citizens assembly in a democratic system? How did the villagers of Mendha-Lekha, India, succesfully implement  traditional swaraj (self-rule) and how do you organize social movement and impact in a democratic way?

Our guests:

  • Dr. Ozan Alakavuklar - Associate Professor 'Organising social impact´ Utrecht University
  • Dr. Milind Bokil - Indian (Marathi) writer and sociologist and expert on the village of Mendha-Lekha.
  • Mirjam de Pagter - Partner G1000 Citizens Assembly and Founder 'Burgerberaad Academie'


Farid Tabarki - Studio Zeitgeist

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