Small grants, big impacts: workshop Afrikadag

On the 14th of April, Both ENDS wil host a workshop called 'Small Grants, Big Impacts' on the annual Africa day in Amsterdam. The workshop aims to demonstrate that so called 'small grants funds' effectively deliver (devopment and climate) money where it matters, to people that need it the most. Large development banks, funds, donors and governments could use small grants funds as alternative financing mechanisms to make sure their money benefits people and their environment now and it the far future.

Believe it or not, parts of the Sahel are becoming green and fertile. With a small grant of just 5000 euros, farmers in Niger have restored over 11.000 hectares of degraded land by using a cheap and effective traditional technique which had been long forgotten. Such small grants to grassroots organisations working worldwide to improve their environment, increase their resilience and uphold human rights, have huge impact.

Small and local for more impact on the ground

However, most financial institutions, donors and funds – including the Green Climate Fund - still prefer investing in large-scale projects which often show little sustainable impact on the ground. Small grants funds can provide the much needed channel between these funders and local communities, and assure financing reaches those who need it most and know best how to use it.

The alternative way forward

But how to make this shift in how financing is delivered? Based on concrete examples in Africa presented by Global Greengrants Fund and Both ENDS, a delegate of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will reflect on the potential of small grants funds from a donor perspective, after which the audience is invited to actively engage in the discussion and together come to concrete recommendations.


Annelieke Douma, Both ENDS, coordinator Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action
Fiona Dragstra, Both ENDS, coordinator Communities Regreen the Sahel
Eva Rehse, executive director Global Greengrants Fund, UK
Dorien Lobeek, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Inclusive Green Growth Department - Climate Team
Facilitator: Alphonse Muambi

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