Publication / 25 maart 2024

Dredging Destruction; worldwide report on stystematic destruction

The Dutch government and dredging companies are systematically involved in contributing to human rights violations and environmental damage.

Over the past 12 years (2012-2023), Dutch export support to dredging companies amounted to €8.4 billion. Dutch-supported projects have been linked to human rights violations and environmental destruction worldwide, revealing the systemic failure of Dutch policies to protect people and the environment. The Dutch government and Dutch dredging companies are not complying with international standards on human rights, biodiversity, and sustainable development. The report examines 12 years of resistance to destructive dredging projects in 7 locations worldwide.

Read the full report 'Dredging Destruction' (pdf), published by a group of environmental and human rights organisations, including the Netherlands-based BothENDS and six organisations from around the world.


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