About Both ENDS


Both ENDS envisions a world where human rights are respected, gender justice is realised, and the environment is fostered and protected, thus assuring a life in dignity and prosperity for all, now and in the future.


Both ENDS strengthens civil society globally to gain critical influence over decisions and activities that affect people's rights and the environment, thus guaranteeing that society fosters and protects ecosystems while ensuring respect for all human rights, including the right to water, food and a safe living environment.


ToCOur global partner network is the touchstone of everything we do. It plays a vital role in identifying, developing and implementing innovations that ensure the agency of local communities in decisions that affect their lives, livelihoods and the fair management of natural ecosystems. From all corners of the world, our global network calls attention to policies, decisions and investments that are inconsistent with the best interests of people and planet.

Both ENDS works with civil society partners along three strategic pathways that together lay the foundation for our vision to become reality: 

1. An empowered and influential civil society

Our goal is that civil society can work openly and safely, make their voices heard and influence decision-making on ecosystem challenges and matters of environmental justice and human rights. 

2. Systemic change in public institutions that prioritises people and planet

Our goal is to achieve systemic change at all levels of social, political and economic institutions, to ensure that these unconditionally respect human rights and planetary boundaries. 

3. Transformative practices are the norm

Our goal is a massive upscaling and mainstreaming of bottom-up, planet-friendly practices, supported by favourable governance systems and availability of financial resources. 

For more information about our pathways to change, download the Both ENDS Strategy 2020-2025.


Both ENDS has no management team, hardly any team meetings and certainly no 'director who is boss over everyone'. Both ENDS has had a flat organizational structure since 2016, based on the principle of shared responsibility. This, too, reflects our goal of 'Connecting people for change'. Read more about our organisational structure


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    Our strategy 2020-2025

    Both ENDS's strategy 2020-2025 focuses on three strategic pathways. We will be working towards 1) an empowered and influential civil society; 2) systemic change in public institutions and 3) making transformative practices the norm.

    To reach our goals, we must work together with many actors. This strategy has also been developed in dialogue with our global network of partners.

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    Annual report

    In our Annual Report you find all you need to know about our work, our strategy, and the most important results. Including the Annual Accounts.

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    The Both ENDS team, consisting of around 40 people, works tireslessly to achieve a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. Get to know our colleagues and contact them!

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    The Board oversees the general administration and operation of Both ENDS. Their expertise in advising on initiatives, legal questions, accounting, management and other strategic issues strengthens the foundation.

    The Board meets four times a year. Each member is appointed for a period of four years, which may be extended by one four year period, to a maximum of eight years. The Board appoints a chair, a secretary and a treasurer from its midst. Members of the Board give their services for free.

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    Would you like to help Both ENDS achieve our mission? On this page, you will find our vacancies for paid positions, internships and volunteer jobs.

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    Postal and visiting address:

    Stichting Both ENDS
    Nobelstraat 4
    3512 EN Utrecht
    The Netherlands