Both ENDS works together with a wide range of organisations in the South, and in the Netherlands and other Northern countries. Our partners in the South in particular play a crucial role in our shared ambition to achieve a fair and sustainable world. We want to strengthen civil society organisations around the world, so that they gain a decisive voice in the use of their environment. Furthermore Both ENDS participates in a large number of national and international networks. And, of course, our funders are indispensable to the achievement of our mission.

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    Partner organisations

    Civil society organisations in the South play a key role in our ambition to achieve a fair and sustainable world. Our Southern partners identify, develop and implement ways of using and managing land, forests and water fairly and sustainably. In addition, they draw our attention to abuses – often caused by international money flows – that widen the gap between rich and poor, destroy the environment and violate human rights, and they are the first to combat these abuses.

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    Both ENDS plays an active role in a large number of international and Dutch networks.

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    Since 2016, Both ENDS has been a member of two strategic partnerships with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the Fair Green and Global (FGG) Alliance, of which Both ENDS is the lead agency, and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA). Both partnerships are financed by the ministry. In addition, we receive project funding from various other funders in the Netherlands and abroad. We greatly appreciate their support and active involvement!