News / 18 April 2023

The Future We See - dialogues about sustainable and just global systems

In these uncertain times of accumulating national, international and global crises, we need hope and inspiration more than ever. Fortunately, many hopeful ideas and initiatives are already existing that show that it is indeed possible to change the world - and especially the systems behind it - in a sustainable and fair way. What opportunities are to be found, what is hopeful, what is already happening and how can we, as the Netherlands, respond to this?

Both ENDS wants to facilitate the dialogue between students, experts, policy makers and practitioners about concrete visions of truly sustainable and inclusive systems in the field of economy, food and decision-making. We are therefore organising a series of three live talk shows and podcasts called 'The Future We See', taking place this year. The future that visionaries, experts, partner organisations we work with around the world and the participants of the events envision, including ways to get there.

With this initiative, we are specifically targeting students: the policymakers, bankers, opinion leaders and artists of the future. The events take place in the large hall of our office, in the heart of Utrecht. Although the main focus is on students, everyone else is more than welcome to join as well.

The experts and practitioners are Southern and Dutch experts, transition scientists and partners of Both ENDS. The format is a talkshow-setting with two speakers and a host. Audience and conversation participants can be physically present or online. To make the discussions and inspiration and more widely available afterwards, we will record the live talk show for a video podcast.

The three sessions will cover economics, the food system and decision-making.

  • The first session will take place on May 25, focusing on the following question: "What does an economy look like that serves the well-being of the planet and people?".
  • The second session 'What does a food system look like that serves the well-being of the planet and people?' will take place on the 28th of September.
  • The last session: 'What do decision-making processes look like that serve the well-being of the planet and people first?' is taking place on the 23rd of November.

After the sessions there are drinks to continue the conversation and exchange more. For more information about the first session (25th of May from 4-5.30 pm) and / or to get (free) tickets, please take a look at the events-page.

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