The Future We See: economic systems

What does an economy look like that serves the well-being of people and the planet?

A wide range of great ideas about a transition to sustainable and just economic systems already exist, including ways to get there and examples that show that it is really possible. In this talkshow, we highlight some of these examples and hope to fuel the dialogue about this topic. 

Inspired? Join our 'The Future We See' - talkshow on May 25th! You can either attend live or online, quietly listen or actively participate in the discussion. We hope to see you there!

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The two panellists are Jane Nalunga, Director of the Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) Uganda, and Winne van Woerden, Lead Degrowth and Care Economy, Commons Network. They will share their inspiring visions and ideas for a sustainable and just (economic) future. The takshow will be moderated by Evelijne Bruning, director of The Hunger Project.

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