Annelieke Douma

Interim director • Climate finance and adaptation • Inclusive water management • Women's rights • Strategic coordinator Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action

In this world of growing inequality, a climate crisis, and increased political violence, there are numerous groups of people bravely fighting for their land, water and forests and standing up for their human rights. Or they actively work on inspiring initiatives that show that we can relate to our environment and each other in a sustainable, just and inclusive manner.


At Both ENDS I can dedicate myself to support and connect these people and these initiatives. To ensure they can access climate finance. To prevent policies or investments, here in the Netherlands or elsewhere, from unintentionally or intentionally counteracting them. To bring local realities and unequal power relations to the fore. I strongly believe in the power of civil society and it is great to work together with our partner organizations towards a more just and sustainable world.

Annelieke Douma