News / 8 November 2021

The Netherlands will stop export support for fossil fuel projects, after all

Today, the Netherlands announced that it will join a leading group of countries, including the United States, Canada and Italy, which declared that they would stop international support for fossil energy projects. At the day of the launch of the declaration at the climate summit in Glasgow on the 4th of November, the Netherlands had no intention of joining, but because of pressure from civil society and political parties, the responsible ministries decided to sign after all. Both ENDS, together with organizations at home and abroad, has been pushing for this for years, and we are very happy with this step. We will of course continue to monitor developments.

Laurie van der Burg, Campaign Manager Global Public Finance, Oil Change International

"This is great news. By stopping support for fossil fuel projects abroad, the Netherlands can fully commit to renewable energy. That is what we need for a livable future. Perhaps it is even more important that this shows that the demissionary government can indeed take climate action and that it can also change course to fulfill promises already made. Enough public pressure generates political will."

Niels Hazekamp, ​​Senior Policy Advisor, Both ENDS

"Finally. We are pleased that the Netherlands, like the other signatories, will soon stop supporting fossil fuels. As civil society organisations we have been calling for this for years. A world without fossil energy is the only way. By now shifting the focus to supporting sustainable instead of fossil energy projects, we help the energy transition and we make the step towards renewable energy worldwide."

Isabelle Geuskens, Policy Advisor, Milieudefensie

This is good news - it's great that the Netherlands has finally heeded this international call for action. Stopping fossil fuels ensures that poorer countries, which often have a lot of potential for renewable energy, can also make the transition. That is why the Netherlands will have to give an ambitious implementation to this green commitment in 2022, by really stopping fossil support and without building in all kinds of exception clauses for developing countries. So that the Netherlands can show that it is fully committed to a sustainable future for everyone, especially those hardest hit by climate change. 

Daniel Ribeiro, Justica Ambiental (Friends of the Earth Mozambique)

This announcement is welcome but there are still loopholes and caveats. The countries must stop expanding fossil fuel extraction at home which is still permitted under this agreement. They must also stop pushing escape hatches like net zero, carbon markets and geoengineering. For the Netherlands government, we demand they immediately cease the funding already promised for damaging gas extraction in Mozambique. However, the rich countries making this announcement today are also lagging behind on providing crucial climate finance for the just energy transformation in the global South. There is no room for fossil fuel based, export-oriented development pathways in Mozambique or anywhere in the world. Daniel Ribeiro, Justiça Ambiental (Friends of the Earth Mozambique)

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