Publication / 18 June 2017

Paris Proof Export Support: why and how the Dutch government must exclude credit support for fossil fuel

Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) are key institutions governments employ to support private companies doing business overseas. ECAs offer a wide range of guarantees and insurances to private companies. This makes it easier for these companies to gain access to finance, mostly from banks.

Based on publicly available data, this report concludes that the Dutch Export credit agency Atradius DSB, which provides export insurances on behalf of the Dutch state, insured fossil fuel-related projects with a total value of € 7.3 billion in the period 2012-2015. This is two-thirds of its total insured value for that same period.

Dutch public export insurances heavily support the fossil fuel industry, thus making investments in the prolonging of a fossil fuel-based future financially attractive for private companies and banks. This reality stands in stark contrast to the commitments made under the Paris Agreement.

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