Publication / 23 June 2023

Annual Report 2022

We proudly present the annual report 2022! A year in which - after the pandemic - it once again became clearly visible that local, small-scale and diversified food production is the most resilient and best suited to counter external influences. This is essential for many people during the food crisis that further intensified in 2022 due to the war in Ukraine. Sustainable, small-scale food production, for example through agroecology, creates food security and resilient communities. In 2022, Both ENDS and partners therefore continued to advocate for the transition to sustainable and just food systems.

But much more happened in 2022. We selected our top-three stories in the fields of a strengthened civil society, systemic change and transformative practices. You can read all of them in our Annual Report 2022!


Also have a look at our special Annual Report website and the page with our achievements in 2022.

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