News / 18 June 2024

Impact of oil extraction on women's health in Bayelsa

In the context of Shell's imminent divestment from onshore oil industry in the Niger Delta, Both ENDS partner Kebetkache publishes a new report showing severe health and environmental challenges faced by the women of Otuabagi in the Niger Delta due to Shell's crude oil exploration.

"High levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in their blood and widespread contamination of water, soil, and food underscore a dire public health crisis. Despite being the first site of commercial oil discovery in Nigeria, the community suffers from pollution, inadequate healthcare, and neglect by both the government and oil companies like Shell. Immediate and sustained interventions are crucial to address these issues and improve the well-being of Otuabagi's residents."
Shell cannot be allowed to divest from the onshore oil industry in the Niger Delta before cleaning and restoring the environment, including lands, water bodies, and air, to their pre-exploration state, as well as paying adequate compensation for environmental pollution, loss of livelihood, and adverse health impacts on the community.

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