News / 26 January 2017

No lessons learnt from TTIP and CETA in current trade negotiations EU - Indonesia

From 24-28 January 2017, the second round of negotiations towards a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) takes place between the EU and Indonesia. The proposed agreement covers far-reaching liberalisation and deregulation that can have severe impacts on society, people and the environment. Civil society organisations, including Both ENDS, released a statement to express their concern and call upon the negotiators to halt the process and fully assess the potential environmental and social impacts of the agreement. 

Human rights must take precedence over free trade

The negotiations are very much driven by the interests of the world’s large transnational corporations and ignore the substantial and growing public consensus that more unbridled market access and protection for big business is not a sustainable way forward. For instance, the insistence on commercialisation and market access for foreign investors threatens to compromise the right to universal and affordable access to basic public services. 


World wide support: more than 40 CSOs already signed the statement

Both ENDS, Indonesia for Global Justice, SOMO and TNI together with the undersigned civil society organisations from Indonesia, ASEAN and Europe call on the negotiators to halt the negotiations until a consultation to map the potential impacts of a CEPA agreement is undertaken with civil society in the broadest possible sense.


Also, a comprehensive Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA), as well as a dedicated Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) to map the potential economic, environmental, social and human rights impacts of the proposed agreement must precede and inform further trade talks.


Protect basic human rights

We ask Indonesia and the EU to protect basic rights of people in the negotiations by taking on board the recommendations set out in our statement. These also extend to other EU negotiations with ASEAN, including with the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.


More information: 

The EU-Indonesia CSO CEPA statement for the 2nd round of negotiations.

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