Publication / 12 November 2020

Trade Differently!

Trade and trade agreements are necessary if economies and societies are to flourish.
However, we need to break with the current free trade regime. Dominated by the
interests of rich countries, large landowners in the Global South and multinational
companies, this regime has for far too long facilitated the depletion of natural resources, climate change and the violation of human. Small-scale farmers and workers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are also the victims of this race to the bottom on the world market.

The reform of the international trade system is, like the global corona crisis, a worldwide problem that we can only address effectively through a joint effort. The Netherlands has the ambition to lead in this and the potential to do so.

However, if the Netherlands wants to fulfil this role, it must give up on business as usual and bring about a new generation of trade agreements. International trade should occur in the service of people, animals and the environment, rather than at their expense. This booklet by the Trade Differently coalition shows not only that the change is possible and necessary, but especially how we can bring it about.

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