Paul Wolvekamp

Agri-commodity supply chains • Private sector • Palm oil • RSPO • Forests • Land rights • Indigenous Peoples • Local-indigenous knowledge

Both ENDS performs a rather unique role as intermediary and catalyst – in support of people who commit themselves to environmental conservation & restoration, human rights, cultural diversity, sustainable economies and enabling young people to take this forward.

This role and the causes Both ENDS supports coincide with matters I value in life and my personal aspiration – as a broker - to connect people, ideas and means in service of such causes.

More in particular, I am inspired by both traditional and new systems of natural resources management, which are inclusive, equitable and enhance local people's self-reliance and determination.

My association with Both ENDS offers a clear framework to channel my support, - as trustee, governor, advisor or partner - to a range of institutions and networks, such as RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), NTFP-EP Asia, Rutu Foundation, Keystone Foundation and Forest Peoples Programme.

Paul Wolvekamp