News / 26 April 2012

Policy research on regional sustainability and global production chains

Sustainable trade and production initiatives are interesting steps on the way to sustainability. In the past years, Both ENDS has been involved in several sustainability initiatives, such as Fair Flowers and Fair Plants, Forest Garden Tea and the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Likewise, through our network of locally-based partner organizations, we monitor the consequences of global trade in general and the development of sustainability initiatives in particular. Both ENDS and partner organizations have in-depth knowledge about the diversity of challenges that sustainability initiatives face


The Dutch PBL (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) invited Both ENDS to present a quick scan of the context-specific challenges of sustainability initiatives. Based on input from partner organizations in Argentina, India and the Sahel, a desk study of relevant literature and interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in the RSPO, confirms that the impact of production initiatives on regional development greatly depends on a number of characteristics of the local and national context in which these initiatives take place. Within these, governance aspects are of crucial importance.

Policy research on regional sustainability and global production chains

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