News / 23 March 2012

People Summit announces counter pressure Rio+20

The People Summit strives to critically analyse the goals and propositions of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, and present actual sustainable alternatives. These goals were recently confirmed at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Critical research

The official Rio+20 conference in June of this year is principally a meeting of large companies and multinationals. The People Summit intends to provide serious counter-pressure. Over 10.000 representatives of different organisations and social movements will gather in Rio to critically analyse the goals and propositions of Rio+20, especially where it concerns commodification and natural resources.


Boundaries and rights

Both ENDS is one of the partakers in the parallel conference. In February, Both ENDS published a rights based analysis of the Rio+20 document, to start of the discussion. 'Only by respecting the boundaries of our ecosystems and human rights, we can move towards a sustainable and maintainable economy', says Daniëlle Hirsch, director of Both ENDS, when explaining the rights based approach of Both ENDS. 'The notion of a 'green economy', a model for economic development that converts nature into profit, needs to be evaluated', contends Graciele Rodriguez of the Articulation of Brazilian Women (AMB) during the press conference in Rio.


The participants of the People Summit will discuss alternative solutions based on all kinds of experiences from different parts of the world. 'The alternatives already exist, but we have to make them accessible', emphasizes Marcelo Barroso of Via Campensina. Hirsch confirms that a lot of people aren't able to see the green economies that are developing all around us. That's why getting the public acquainted with proper, innovative alternatives for a truly sustainable economy is one of the most important goals that the organisations have set for Rio+20 and that Both ENDS likes to actively contribute to.


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Photo: Brazilian Civil Society Facilitating Committee for Rio+20

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