News / 28 October 2011

EU crisis pocket guide

The Transnational Institute (TNI) published a useful pocket guide regarding the euro crisis. They believe a crisis that started in Wall Street was actually made worse by EU policies. The pocket guide describes how the crisis has enriched the 1% to the detriment of the 99% and it outlines some possible solutions that prioritise people and the environment above corporate profits. This Pocket Guide is published as part of TNI's Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives programme.


TNI is an international network of activist researchers ("scholar activists") committed to critical analyses of the global problems of today and tomorrow. It aims to provide intellectual support to movements struggling for a more democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable world. TNI works together with Both ENDS in the Fair, Green and Global Alliance (FGG) in reducing poverty and promoting socially just and environmentally sustainable development by enhancing the capacity of civil societies in the South.

Please click here to download the pocket guide.

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