News / 25 April 2022

Call for sign-on: No to UPOV in Indonesia

The European Union (EU) continues to demand that countries of the South introduce plant variety protection rights according to UPOV 91 in free trade agreements. This is happening in the ongoing negotiations of the EU with Indonesia, trying to take away Indonesia's flexibility to implement a law that suits its own needs and priorities. We therefore call to sign our letters on this subject to the European Commission and the Indonesian government.

Under UPOV 91, countries are forced to implement a plant variety protection laws. Such a law is in contradiction to many international treaties such as the UNDROP Declaration (about farmers' rights) and the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and also hampers the implementation of international commitments in the field of biodiversity. For more information about the concerns we have about UPOV, see our briefing paper "The reasons why Indonesia should not (be forced to) join UPOV".

Open letters to European Commission and the Government of Indonesia

Nevertheless, the European Union keeps demanding their trade partners to include UPOV 91 in their trade agreements. At the moment, this is also happening in the negotiations with Indonesia. With agriculture being the second biggest source of livelihood in Indonesia, mostly taking the form of small family farms, UPOV 91 is a direct threat to the country's food system and the livelihood of many.

To prevent this, we are writing open letters to the European Commission and the Government of Indonesia. We would like to invite you to co-sign these letters so that our common voice cannot be ignored.

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