Blog / 10 September 2012

The Dutch and the Big, Bad World

The Dutch and the Big, Bad World

For example, what do political parties think about international trade for our development? Will they keep blocking export tariffs which make the export of raw materials from countries outside the EU less attractive? Do they really think we should obstruct the development of industries in other countries this way, or should the Netherlands actually try to expand markets by promoting versatile and sustainable development in the entire world?


Being a big investor, the Netherlands can make the difference. It is often up to us to decide whether we put sustainability and new forms of cooperation on the agenda. Our leadership is needed if we truly want to represent sustainability.


Why don’t the politicians debate about the visions on Dutch policy outside of our borders? About the Dutch role as a tax haven, about the export of large industrial livestock stables, about the way we can and will promote a healthy financial sector which serves us all?


The current times we live in require clear choices that will be decisive for our future and the position we have in this world. Without an international vision we lose the chance to contribute to a dignified existence for everyone in a healthy and sustainable economy. So, future representatives of the Dutch people; are we going to start working on an international level or will you keep gazing at your own Dutch navel?





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