Blog / 8 August 2013

Summer time

Summer time


The debate in the Netherlands on the Dutch role in international economic and sustainable development opened up with the installation of a Minister for Trade and Aid. As an organisation specialised in the dilemmas of global trade and investment and fair and green development, Both ENDS seized the opportunity to question the assumption that Dutch trade by itself will stimulate sustainable global development.


2012 has confirmed us in our focus on the Dutch and EU political and public debate on trade and aid, in close cooperation with the members of the Fair, Green & Global  alliance. At the same time, the Ecosystems Alliance and Communities of Change programs will allow us to continue our work on sustainable resources management by local people and show that environmental issues should be at the forefront of our international policies.


Looking back at 2012 we have learned an awful lot, especially on communications, fundraising and alliance building in the Netherlands. Our annual report tells about our activities and reflects the energy we receive from working with so many excellent partners all over the world.


Actually, it’s a great read for these summer days. Enjoy!


 Annual Report 2012


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