Publication / 24 June 2013

Local actors ready to act: 6 views on how the Green Climate Fund could reach them

From 26-28 of June 2013 the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board Members will meet again, in the Korean town of Songdo. In preparation of this meeting the CDKN supported consortium – Both ENDS (the Netherlands), Development Institute (Ghana), Keystone (India), Samdhana Institute & KIN (Philippines) and M’Bigua (Argentina) - developed this magazine.

The publication is developed on the premise that local actors are not only crucial players in tackling climate change and adaptation, but can also comply with common fiduciary standards and safeguards, especially when the GCF will take its commitment towards readiness and capacity support serious. A number of experts, GCF Board Members and people actively involved in climate change adaptation share their views on how they think the Green Climate Fund should deal with direct access and the devolution of GCF funds to the local level.

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