Publication / 19 April 2016

Involving communities in Indonesia: Promoting Community Participation in Integrated Water Resources Management

CSO’s from Asia, Latin America and Africa increasingly share the conviction that successful and effective water resources management is only possible if communities have the capacity and opportunity to develop and negotiate their own visions and solutions to challenges related to water resources management.


In December 2014, Both ENDS, Ecoton (East Java), Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung (West Java) and Yayasan Mitra Insani (Riau) decided to join forces and initiate IndoWater CoP. With this Community of Practice, we aspire to contribute tangible models for community participation in IWRM, while strongly addressing the often destructive impacts of failing river basin management in national policymaking. In this publication IndoWater CoP presents the theory and tools of the 'Negotiated Approach to IWRM', illustrated with the specific cases we work on in Indonesia. 

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