Publication / 28 January 2019

Communities regreen the Sahel: Growing buffers to ensure food security, livelihoods and biodiversity

The programme 'Growing buffers to ensure food security, livelihoods and biodiversity Programme 2017-2027' is funded by DOB Ecology and is designed and executed by a group of 19 organisations in four countries.

This folder has also been translated into French: Les communautés reverdissent le Sahel.

Within this programme, Both ENDS will keep doing what it does best: connecting local organisations to each other and to relevant national and international policy makers, scientists and organisations, informing them about current (inter)national developments relevant to their work, and advocating the incorporation of this method in local and national policies.  


Together with our local partners, within the next 10 years we aim to reach the following:

1)    A total area of 200,000 hectares divided over three countries) has been restored using Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration by and for communities.

2)    There are laws, policies and support programmes in place in three countries (local up to international) that support Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration.

3)    Farmers applying Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration are organised and have access to markets for (added-value) FMNR-products.

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