News / 26 november 2023

Connecting people for change

We are concerned about the results of the Dutch Parliamentary elections on November 22, 2023. The Netherlands is in danger of turning its back on the rest of the world and hiding itself behind its own dikes. Meanwhile, within our national borders, people are being excluded and their place in society is being questioned.

'Connecting people for change' is what Both ENDS stands for. It is our belief that the Netherlands needs cooperation with the rest of the world. We believe it is very important to cherish our open, multicultural society in which everyone has equal rights. There no room for discrimination and exclusion. We think it is important to realise that international trade relations are crucial for the Netherlands, but that they are only beneficial if people in the countries we have trade relations with are able to also gain. In this respect, recognising and solving the climate crisis is one of the most important joint tasks.

After this electoral result, Both ENDS will increase its efforts to struggle for a fair society which promotes dignity and equality of everyone. But also for our country to become a global front runner in promoting fair international economic relations and a clean and livable planet. To this end we keep connecting people for change in the Netherlands and abroad. We continue to stand up for justice, solidarity and love. Especially now.

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