News / 2 September 2016

Small grant leads to big award for Gilbert Adum

Gilbert Adum, co-founder of Save the Frogs Ghana, won one of this year's Whitley Awards and will receive a grant of £ 35.000 to continue his efforts for the conservation of frogs in Ghana. In 2012, Gilbert already received a young leaders grant from the Joke Waller Hunter Initiative (JWHI), which is managed by Both ENDS.

The activities of Save the Frogs Ghana are very much needed, as Ghana has at least 25 threatened frog species. Worldwide, already 200 frog species have been lost. In Ghana, frogs and other amphibians are threatened by deforestation, pollution from mining activities, by the widespread habit of eating frog meat and other factors.

Ecologist Gilbert Adum will use the grant to develop sustainable beekeeping livelihoods for 50 families to reduce reliance on amphibian habitat, to inspire the next generation to value frogs through national outreach, school activities and the creation of an Education Centre, to build capacity within Ghana to undertake amphibian conservation through field courses and to influence Ghana's policymakers to increase commitment for effective management and protection of amphibian habitat.

In 2012, the JWHI already awarded Gilbert with a small grant for young environmental leaders. At the time, he had just founded Save the Frogs Ghana and needed communicational skills to launch campaigns in Ghana about the importance of protecting frogs. Both ENDS is happy to know that this small grant has now helped Gilbert winning a prestigious Whitley Award.

Gilbert: "I could not have come this far without Both ENDS' support in 2012, which enabled me acquire the needed skills in web development and graphic design. These skills have since helped me to communicate more effectively with the general public, giving me the upper hand to beat off the tough competition for this award."

Both ENDS congratulates Gilbert (and the frogs in Ghana) with this award and wish him all the best for his project.


Read more on the websites of Save the Frogs and the Whitley Award.

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