News / 12 April 2019

Sara Crespo Suarez: "Agriculture in Bolivia is severely impacted by climate change"

We asked three of our partner organisations to tell us how climate change is already affecting the daily lives of the people they work with, what they are doing to turn the tide and if they think the Climate Court Case against Shell can be important in the context of climate change. Sara Crespo Suarez of our Bolivian partner Probioma explains how the effects are already being felt in her country.

"In Bolivia, climate change has severely changed the agricultural calendar. Water sources have decreased considerably in recent years and rising temperatures have increased the incidence of agricultural pests and endemic diseases such as Chagas, Dengue, Zica and Chikunguya. In recent decades, many adaptation initiatives such as agro-ecological production have emerged, but health related problems are still very difficult to tackle. It is important to set a precedent on the impacts companies such as Shell generate on the world's population with the production of polluting fuels."


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