News / 9 February 2012

National Lottery grant helps Both ENDS to tell stories of partner organisations

At the Goed Geld Gala 2012, a National Lottery benefit ball, Both ENDS received money for the project 'an unheard story'. For this project, we'll be working together with five networks of environmental organisations in South-Africa, Brazil, India, South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. Together we reinforce small local organisations and help them share their stories about the changes they would like to see. These stories show what consequences political and industrial decisions in the North have for people living alongside the Mekong river, or in the Brazilian forests. That way we jointly take action in search for a more sustainable world.


Why is storytelling so important? And why is it even more important for environmental organisations in developing countries? First of all because everything in the world is interconnected nowadays. For example, what does eating one steak here mean for people in Brazil who have to make way for soy plantations (the soy that feeds the cow)? Secondly because environmental organisations in developing countries often operate under difficult circumstances, pressured by violence and intimidation. And finally, with their stories these people can transfer their knowledge and inspiration for a more green and sustainable world


Another important aspect of this project is reinforcing the five environmental networks. Local organisations often don't have the means to help their own passionate employees get more educated and developed, but this project offers support. Local organisations get trained in communication, recruiting trusts and influencing policies, so they can operate more powerfully and independently in the future and with that be able to give meaning to the green economy in their own country.

We would like to thank the National Lottery for this great opportunity to help local environmental organisations in developing countries through the 'an unheard story' project and give economies on the rise a change to tell their story.

For more information you can contact Masja Helmer via or call 020 5306600.



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