News / 21 July 2011

Frank Muramuzi (NAPE) warns about the danger of hydro-power stations in the Nile

In the three-part series Struggle Over the Nile, Al Jazeera examines the historical roots and present-day realities of conflicts regarding the Nile. The Nile is the world's longest river: a 7,000 km life-line for almost 400 million people. It is a source of sustenance, but also of tension - and even potential conflict.


In this series Frank Muramuzi, executive director of the National Association of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) in Uganda, speaks about how hydro-power stations are threatening the natural flow of the river: "There are a lot of problems that are going to happen, not only in Uganda, but also in other countries."


NAPE runs the secretariat of the African Rivers Network (ARN). Along with Both ENDS, NAPE aims to prevent unsustainable large scale infrastructural works in Uganda and the rest of Africa, and to develop sustainable alternatives.

For more information about Frank Muramuzi in Struggle Over the Nile click here.

For more information about Struggle Over the Nile click here.


Image: Imagico

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