News / 29 December 2011

Exporting goods or exporting debts?

Exporting goods or exporting debts? Eurodad, the European network on debt and development of which Both ENDS is a member, released a new research about the often disastrous effects of Export Credit Guarantees.

Increasing debts
Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) are institutions that aim to support export industry in their home countries. They provide official credit or credit guarantees to public or private buyers, often in developing countries. They are not concerned with development in those countries and only create debt. The report shows that export credit guarantees are at the root of most developing country debt owed to European governments.

Political Café 'Defuse the Debt Crisis'
Oygunn Brynildsen from Eurodad, who is the main author of the report, was one of the panel members at the Political Café 'Defuse the Debt Crisis', organized on the 16th of December by Jubilee Netherlands and Both ENDS. The Political Café looked back on more than ten years of Jubilee activities. Jubilee Germany presented the results of a research they conducted on the effects of debt relief on development in Ghana and Mozambique, after which the audience could debate with the five panel members. The debate was centered around some statements on debt and debt relief which were proposed by the host of the debate, Koos de Bruijn form Jubilee Netherlands.A summary of the content of the debate will be available through this website soon. Below you will find links to the reports presented and the press release for the Eurodad report.

Report Jubilee on debt cancellation

Press release Eurodad

Report Eurodad

Summary Political Café


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