News / 4 October 2011

Both ENDS Political Cafe on Adaptation

The ADAPTS consortium - Both ENDS, ACACIA Water, IVM and our Southern partners - invite you to join our Political Cafe in Cafe Dudok in the Hague on Wednesday October 12th from 16.00-18.00 hr:

The debate centers around the question how to better integrate local actors in the development and implementation of adaptation policies. We see a gap between the many initiatives that support mainly central governments and their adaptation plans and what happens or should happen at the local or district level. These two arenas are insufficiently linked and the majority of funds is invested in the first option.

With panelists from the Dutch Parliament, the 'Water Resources Commission' in Ghana, the 'Center for Social Research and Development' in Vietnam, the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Water Partnership.

ADAPTS is a practical, bottom-up approach to integrate climate change and adaptation in the water sector. See also the adapts website

For more information on our Political Café, see our Invitation.

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