Gender Just Climate Policy & Finance: From Barriers to Actionable Solutions

Climate conference (UNFCCC) side event

Let's tackle gender equality in climate policy & finance, moving from obstacles to practical solutions at our in-person event on December 3rd  in Dubai.

Women-led community-based organisations (CBOs) find current financing and decision-making processes almost inaccessible. Yet, it's these very organisations that are spearheading the most holistic and effective gender-just climate solutions.

Read more about this subject in this Press Release.

Join for a crucial conversation that moves beyond identifying barriers and paves the way for actionable, concrete solutions. In this discussion you will:

  • Hear from local CBO and NGO representatives how they implement gender just climate solutions.
  • Learn more about the current obstacles they face to access finance and meaningfully engage in decision-making processes.
  • Engage in an interactive dialogue between practitioners, governmental representatives and philanthropic donors to make gender-just climate policy and finance a reality.

This event is a collaborative initiative by:

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