COP21: Climate Change Conference Paris

During the COP21 in Paris, Both ENDS will be cooperating and presenting with partners on a number of events. If you plan on going, please consider visiting one or more of these sessions:

Regulating peat land development and curtailing of GHG emissions

Tuesday 1 December 4.15-5.30 PM

Location: Dutch Pavillion

Co-hosted with: Wetlands International and IUCN-NL.


Accountability of results based finance – build on the best and learn from the worst

Friday 4 December 4.45-6:15 PM

Location: Observer room 01 (300 people limit)

Co-hosted with: Carbon Market Watch, Transparency International, Nature Code – Centre of Development and Environment.

What: Here, we will also raise the access to climate finance issue - CSOs and local communities to be involved in the design of projects is the best guarantee climate investments meet social and environmental safeguards.

You can find the invitation here

Experiences from grassroots: Why we need Gender Responsive Climate Finance

Tuesday 8 December 10-11.30 am

Location: the Netherlands Climate Pavilion, Blue Zone

Co-hosted with: Green Alliance for Gender Action, Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, Mama Cash, Global Greengrants Fund.

What: Globally, women experience some of the most acute impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. Women from grassroots communities are also leading initiatives that both address the root causes and develop resiliency to the detrimental impacts of environmental degradation. While gender equity and local access are principles of the Green Climate Fund, the challenge is to assure that local actors and women-led groups are accredited and facilitated to access climate financing. This discussion will bring together speakers from global, regional and local levels to talk about the opportunities and the challenges in making this vision a reality. A case study of work being done in Indonesia will be highlighted.

Speakers: Carla Lopez, Executive Director Central American Women's Fund and lead partner, Green Alliance for Gender Action / Terry Odendahl, President and CEO, Global Greengrants Fund / Titi Soentoro, Founder AKSI! Indonesia / Neni Rochaeni, Grants Manager The Samdhana Institute, Indonesia / Jacob Waslander, Dutch Board member to Green Climate Fund and Head of Climate and Energy Division, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Facilitated by Cindy Coltman, Programme officer climate finance, Both ENDS

Extra information: Ensuring women's access to climate finance: a pilot in Indonesia

Sessions Outside the COP

Transformative transparency to leverage accountability, more sustainable forest-risk, supply chains, and improved forest-livelihoods

Monday 30 November 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Location: Musee de 'lHomme - Levi-Strauss Classroom

Co-hosted with: Stockholm Environmental Institute.

What: This is Workshop number 6 of FLARE conference that takes place 27 Nov-1 Dec outside COP. See full programme here.

For more information or to let us know you are joining us, please contact:

Cindy Coltman, Partnership Development Manager and Programme Officer Climate Finance for Both ENDS


Together with partner organisations in the Global South, Both ENDS has been working on the issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation and on climate finance for many years. 

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