Blog / 5 November 2010

The last day of Down2Earth...

The last day of Down2Earth...


And while we're at it... if this conference is about inviting everybody to talk about agriculture, food security and climate change, why aren't there more farmers and especially farmers from Africa at the podium to offer their views and solutions?


The conference is speaking about a paradigm shift. However, a paradigm shift will only take place when a new system of models and theories is embraced and a critical mass rejects the current paradigm that is biased towards productivity, agribusiness and large-scale farming systems. Therefore, we need the opinions of new thinkers and the innovative practices of do-ers: we need new models, theories and frameworks. Or so to speak, we don't need old wine in new baskets but new sustainably produced wine in climate neutral baskets presented by the new winemakers.


Vietnam has taken the initiative to organize the follow-up of this Down2Earth conference in 2012. I would like to kindly but strongly suggest the organizing committee to invite those thinkers and do-ers who can point out the new way of agriculture, that centres small-scale farmers, embraces closing nutrient and water cycles and champions sustainable, integrated practices and approaches.

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