Blog / 28 September 2011

A rookie

A rookie


 Once we arrive in Babati the scenery becomes much greener, banana trees, sugar cane and maize flourish in this region, mainly because of the direct connection to Lake Babati which lies beneath the city. Following beaten down red earth, our four-wheel drive climbs up the hill and finally reaches the testing plot with jatropha hedges. The plants have lost their leaves because of the dry season. Desdery tells me that once the rains start next month, these jatropha hedges will start blossoming.


This year will be the first year that these plants will produce the fruits from which oil can be extracted. A farmer who works on the plot tells me he hopes that the jatropha oil will bring him a light in his house, petroleum is too expensive and electricity he doesn't have. To this he adds that his greatest wish is that the tractor he and other villagers use, one time might be fueled by the oil he grows himself.


On my first day in Tanzania it is not so much the poverty that strikes me, but more the sheer determination, the colourfulness and the smiles of these beautiful Tanzanian faces. I hope to see much more of them in the coming days.

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