SOMO (Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen)

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SOMO and Both ENDS are working together to tackle international capital streams: trade and investments. At this moment, we're also trying to collaborate on land and water issues. There are big opportunities here, because SOMO has traditionally been less focused on the environmental side of doing business in a socially responsible way, and more focused on the social side, e.g. labour conditions.

added value of partnership

SOMO sees Both ENDS as a specialist in the area of sustainable development. Clear areas of agreement therefore exist where it comes to trade and investment, while there is potential to collaborate on environmental issues. SOMO is also interested in working directly with Both ENDS' local partners - these partners could be a source of knowledge and information about the activities of multinationals in remote areas.


Partner in the Fair, Green and Global Alliance

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