Murtah Shannon

Sustainable and inclusive water management • Climate adaptation • Human rights

I have a background in academia and before I started at Both ENDS I had worked for seven years as a researcher on various topics related to the political-economy of land and water governance. During this time I always sought to build bridges between the separate worlds of (academic) research and 'real-world' practice, which led me to work with various national and international organizations. Slowly but gradually, my interest in the world of practice took over and I became increasingly engaged in concrete environmental justice challenges. It is this journey that eventually brought me to Both ENDS, an organization whose vision and approach lie close to my heart.


At Both ENDS I work together with partners in various countries to support locally-driven water governance that is both inclusive and sustainable. We focus on specific practices and interventions as well as the policy processes that shape water governance more broadly. I am convinced that water governance is a particularly urgent issue against the current background of global climate change, which has increasingly manifested itself locally through either too much or too little water. The way in which these water-related challenges are responded to, however, is a deeply political issue, and it is ultimately societal power dynamics that determine who the winners and losers of water governance are. The goal of my work at Both ENDS is therefore to contribute to a shift in these power dynamics towards a more just governance of natural resources.

Murtah Shannon