Anne de Jonghe

International financial institutions • Infrastructure • Working with local groups • Africa • Latin America • Export Credit Agencies

I want to contribute to a world where everyone can decide upon their own lives, where human rights are being respected and where we take care of the earth. When I worked in Central America, I was caught by the huge differences between the worlds of small communities, companies, governments, NGO's and banks. It touched me to see how unequal the power relations are and how little understanding there is about the other worlds.

Working a Both ENDS I can do what I find most important: getting insights in de different realities of all those involved in large infrastructural projects and international investments, and the effects these have on local communities. At Both ENDS I get the chance to bring local experiences and needs to the decision-making tables of investors, companies and governments. On the other hand, I can support local groups to gain insight into the way of working of these same investors, companies and governments and how this can be influenced and changed.

Anne de Jonghe