News / 7 October 2018

Our Director ranking 52nd on Dutch ‘Sustainable 100’-list

We are very proud that our director Daniëlle Hirsch has been included again in the ‘Sustainable 100’ (an annual ranking list published by Dutch newspaper Trouw), and has gone up more than 40 spots compared to last year! Danielle was included in the list because of the many things she does with her organisation as a whole, but she got the higher ranking for the way she combines her criticism of the destructive role of the Netherlands as a trading nation and large cause  of CO2 emissions in the world (often supported by the Dutch government), with a  constructive attitude when it comes to finding alternatives and solutions.

Green thinkers and doers

The sustainable 100 - compiled for the tenth time this year - is the ranking of the Netherlands’ 'greenest thinkers and doers' and the most influential people in the field of sustainability. Daniëlle herself considers the nomination to be a compliment for all Both ENDS staff: "I was given this spot in the list thanks to all of us."

The Netherlands must play a positive role

The nomination shows that the themes that Both ENDS has found extremely urgent for years, are now really being picked up in the public debate and are provoking an outcry in an increasing proportion of Dutch society. We think this is good news, but at the same time we know that a great deal still needs to be done to ensure that Dutch trade and investment activities do not damage the world, but rather make a positive contribution. We all continue to work with passion and enthusiasm!

Establishment of the Sustainable 100

The sustainable 100 list is composed as follows: everyone can nominate someone and provide good arguments for this nomination. An independent jury selects 100 candidates from this long list, after which they are ranked. On the10th of October, the Day of Sustainability, the list will be published. Here you will find more information about the jury and the process (in Dutch).

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