News / 11 December 2020

Both ENDS presents new strategy towards 2025

Both ENDS has a new 5-year strategy. It is set up along three strategic pathways that together lay the foundation for our vision to become reality: 1) An empowered and influential civil society; 2) Systemic change in public institutions that prioritizes people and planet; and 3) Transformative practices are the norm.

The Both ENDS strategy has been developed in close cooperation and dialogue with a diverse group of partners and allies –NGOs, community-based organisations, small grants funds, women's organisations and social movements. In March 2019, 25 partners shared their insights on key dilemma's and gave our rough plans direction.

Curious about the result? Download the Both ENDS Strategy 2020-2025 here.

Both ENDS 5-year strategy in relation to Covid-19

We had barely finished writing the strategy when in the beginning of 2020 the global Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Nevertheless, Both ENDS will continue to follow the pathways as described in our Strategy. Our main strategic objectives and Theory of Change touch on key challenges that are still there in this pandemic. This has been confirmed by our networks: the consequences of the Covid-related health and economic crisis call for a systemic answer. This answer will partly come from civil society actors that have knowledge about key challenges of our global economic and trade systems and experience in green and inclusive infrastructure, sustainable food production and ecosystem restoration.

Both ENDS strategy and short-term Covid responses

Unprecedented amounts of public funding will be made available to mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic. Part of these budgets will be spend through International Financial Institutions, and it is of utmost importance that is done in a fair and sustainable way, by allowing local actors at the decision-making table and assuring that they have access to these development funds.

In addition, all indicates that governments tend to decide to maintain fossil fuel structures with the newly available funding. Public pressure at all levels and in all countries is needed to ensure that this trend will be halted and that public investments will be used to kick-start the energy and food transition we all know is necessary.

So the Covid-19 crisis confirms our strategic direction and - rather than changes - increases the urgency of our work together with our networks of civil society actors. Connecting people for change remains an apt description of Both ENDS's work: together with partners we create a more sustainable, fair and inclusive world, in times of corona and beyond.

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