News / 29 January 2009

Both ENDS in Dutch Advisory Committee on Biodiversity and Natural Resources

The Biodiversity and Natural Resources Task Force, led by Hans Alders, was launched on January 23. Daniëlle Hirsch, Director Both ENDS, will be taking on the challenge with top professionals from the business world, the science sector, the civil government and civil society organisations. The Task Force would like to develop a vision for how the Netherlands can reduce its impact on natural resources.


Biodiversity, the range of life forms found on earth, is decreasing faster and faster. The production of resources often causes a lot of damage to local ecosystems. Deforestation, pollution and the exhaustion of natural resources derail nature's fragile balance. This has disastrous effects on both humans and the environment, especially in developing countries where many people are dependant on a well-functioning ecosystem: for food security, water supply and protection against climate change. Both ENDS will be giving developing countries a voice in the Task Force.

The Biodiversity and Natural Resources Task Force will be advising the following Ministers on future policies: Cramer (Environment and Spatial Planning), Koenders (Development Cooperation) and Verburg (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality).

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