Letter / 24 January 2024

Letter to investors in Vale

January 25th, 2024 is the solemn 5-year mark of the Brumadinho upstream mining dam collapse, Brazil’s worst environmental and industrial disaster that killed 272 innocent people and unleashed 12 million cubic metres of ore tailing into the surrounding areas including the Paraopeba River – a crucial tributary of the second largest river in the country. 

The responsible company, Vale S.A., has made multiple commitments to repair the situation and improve the safety standards of their operations. The reality on the ground greatly contrasts with those empty words. 

Five year later, the communities affected by this preventable disaster are still traumatised and seeking justice. Everyday these people live in a heavily contaminated environment and afraid that another mining disaster could happen any time as 27 dams are operating under emergency protocols and 2 dams are in risk of rupture.

Today a coalition of 13 NGOs is launching a global campaign to engage with investors in Vale,  invite them to go beyond company reports and come see the situation for themselves in Spring 2024. Download the letter.

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