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Participatory integrated water management in Kampar basin (Sumatra) based on the 'negotiated approach', a method to strengthen local communities in integrated water management. Both ENDS facilitates a multi-stakeholder dialogue with all water users: government, palmoil companies, pulp and paper companies and representatives of village communities from several locations along the river. The problem analysis is the first step towards a more integrated and sustainable management of the river where the local community plays an important role. At the same time, Both ENDS helps the local people to secure their land user rights with the aid of 'hutan desa’. This license is issued by the Ministry of Forestry to communities with a good plan for the sustainable management of their lands.

added value of partnership

Both ENDS facilitates exchanges with other organisations in Indonesia, Peru and Africa that are engaged in the 'negotiated approach' and shares experience and expertise in the field of integrated water management.

Together with the Indonesian network Telapak, of which YMI is a member, Both ENDS has organized trainings on integrated water management, demonstrated examples of participatory water management elsewhere in Indonesia, and helped to develop tools for field research into the needs of various water users, with an emphasis on local communities.

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