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The Netherlands, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Benin, Mali

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Agri-ProFocus is a partnership between Dutch NGO's, companies, research institutes, consultancies and farmers' organisations. It promotes farmer entrepreneurship in developing countries. Each member is working in different networks in developing countries. Agri-ProFocus is the sum of all of these networks.

By coordinating activities, exchanging information and ideas and undertaking joint action Agri-ProFocus aspires to improve existing linkages and provide a better service to farmers in the South. Both ENDS has been a member of Agri-ProFocus since 2007.

added value of partnership

Both ENDS appreciates working together with Agri-ProFocus as they encourage cooperation between members in varying compositions on agriculture, sustainable use and management of natural resources and livelihood development.

Both ENDS proposes innovative ideas put forward by socially and environmentally minded civil society organisations from the South for sustainable management of natural resources. These ideas find root in the local realities and are an answer to national and international policy agendas.


In November 2010, Both ENDS and Agri-ProFocus have worked together during the Down2Earth Conference held in The Hague. Agri-ProFocus members together developed a set of stepping stones which are to be included in the Conference's document called 'Roadmap for Action'. These stepping stones are partly based on the options for action from the IAASTD report 'Agriculture at a Crossroads'.

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