Ikrâm Çakir

Equal opportunities • Children's rights • Latin America • Campaigning and fundraising 

What motivates me most is my wish for an equal and just society, for which I want to mobilize as many people as possible. For example by campaigning to mobilise the public and politicians, by giving a voice to marginalized groups, but also by working together with companies to shape their social responsibility.


Both ENDS unites many of my ideas: my belief that a sustainable, social and just world is possible, giving activists from the South a voice, and to raise awareness in the Netherlands about the role we play in global inequalities, and call upon the Netherlands to take our responsibility to change this. In the Supervisory Board of Both ENDS I not only want to contribute with my experience in public campaigns, marketing and fundraising, but also bring in the perspective of an internationally engaged young generation.

Ikrâm Çakir