Tamara Mohr

Latin America • Women's rights & Environmental Justice • Strengthening civil society • Soy

I started working at Both ENDS in 1991 and since the first day I have been intrigued by the strength, the knowledge and the resilience of local grassroots groups. They either fight to secure their rights to a clean and healthy environment and/or promote and implement concrete ways to manage or restore natural resources. Through my work at Both ENDS I am able to contribute to and support the work of local groups additional to what they are doing themselves. E.g. by joint fundraising, alliance building and by influencing the actors that are (in)directly causing land conversion, pollution and human rights violations. I have been managing several global programs, but my main area of expertise is Latin America. Furthermore I am involved in institutional strengthening of Both ENDS and in the coaching of junior staff members.

Tamara Mohr