News / 24 October 2014

Wiert Wiertsema in 'Reporter' on Atradius DSB, Van Oord and the port of Suape

The port of Suape in Brazil is currently being expanded and dredged, with damaging implications for the local population and environment. The Dutch dredging company Van Oord executes a large proportion of the dredging-work, supported by export credit insurance from the Dutch export credit insurance agency Atradius DSB. Correspondent Katy Sherriff has made several reports in the area, which will be aired on Dutch radio in ‘Reporter’ on Sunday. Her story will be accompanied by live commentary from the studio, from Dutch political party PvdA-member Jan Vos and Both ENDS’ own Wiert Wiertsema.

For his work at Both ENDS, Wiert has been monitoring the port’s development for quite some time already. He has done research on the damage incurred in the area, and has set up ‘Fórum Suape’ together with local Brazilian organisations. This forum’s purpose is to pressurize the port authority to limit the negative consequences of the harbor expansion for the local population, and to ensure a fair compensation. Wiert has attempted to initiate a dialogue between locals and Atradius DB and Van Oord, but so far both Dutch companies have refused to collaborate, which is entirely in conflict with their corporate social responsibility obligations.


'Radio Reporter', Sunday evening October 26th  2014,  19-20:00 on Radio 1


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