News / 3 February 2012

Reduced access to information about pollution in Czech republic

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic is planning to reduce access to information about the Integrated Pollution Register (IPR), which has been functioning very well for the last 6 years. With that register, the Czech Republic—unlike some other countries—has an efficient instrument to control the implementation of international conventions regarding environmental protection, such as the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).


In the register, data is collected about toxic waste substances and hazardous emissions and this information is freely available. If access to the IPR will be limited, the system will not function anymore. Various parties have expressed their concerns about the plans and started a sign-on, which Both ENDS assents to. The Czech government will soon decide if the plans will go through.


For more information see:

Statement to Czech Republic about IPR



Photo: AdmlCrunch

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